The best TextExpander alternative for Windows

Right now is working only as a window, so if you’re looking for a TextExpander alternative you’ve come to the right place.

Why is SavedReplies a better TextExpander alternative for Windows?

➤ A much better and user-friendly interface

TextExpander Alternative for Windows

» The buttons are all in the same place – easier to use

From the left sidebar, you can, in order:

  • Access the settings popup
  • View all the personalized statistics
  • Add a new category of snippets
  • Add a new snippet
  • Remove the current snippet

» The text is big and easily visible

In the TextExpander application, the text is pretty small and some things are hard to find. The background of the snippets’ abbreviation is also gray, which makes the white text be harder to read.

» You can only see the snippet title in the sidebar

A lot of times you can’t really remember what all the snippets are about just from their title. So it’s very helpful to see a bit of their description under the title. SavedReplies lets you see a lot of the snippet below the title, you can ever hover over it and more text will be made visible.

» The sorting and search are well visible and positioned

When I first used TextExpander, I couldn’t find at all the sorting options. They were hidden under the settings icon, which is not intuitive at all. Also, the filter input was on the other side of the application, not in the sidebar list. These problems aren’t present in SavedReplies, which uses a very user-friendly and intuitive design for the Search input and for the sorting options:


» More settings for the text container

Another reason why SavedReplies is a great TextExpander alternative for Windows. You have a lot of options for the text container, including many that TextExpander doesn’t have, like:

  • ordered lists
  • unordered lists
  • quote
  • strikethrough text
  • etc.

➤ All the settings and statistics are included in the minimum price

Another great reason why SavedReplies is a great TextExpander alternative for Windows is that everything is included in the minimum price.

The settings include all you need for your snippets:

SavedReplies - TextExpander Alternative for Windows
SavedReplies Settings popup

You can switch the case sensitivity as you prefer, choose between many sounds (when you write a snippet). Also, to make it easier, we’ve also added 4 shortcuts.

With Ctrl + N you can add a new snippet (the popup to add a new snippet will immediately appear). With Ctrl + D you will remove the current snippet, but don’t worry if you press them by mistake! You’ll get a confirmation popup asking you if you’re sure about removing the snippet. With Ctrl + Shift + N you can create a new snippet category, and with the Ctrl + S shortcut you can save the current popup settings.

Removal of snippet
Popup to make sure you want to remove the snippet

We also have Export Data and Import Data buttons. With the “Export” button, you can get a file with all the saved snippets that you can import in another computer that uses SavedReplies in just some seconds. This is a great way to give your snippets to another person that works in the same domain too. It’s also a great way to move your snippets in case you want to change your working device.

The great statistics that can help you track how much time you’ve saved with SavedReplies:

TextExpander Alternative
SavedReplies settings

You can set how many words per minute you write (you can easily find out that number on this website Based on the number you’re adding there, you’ll see multiple statistics. For example, how many snippets you’ve expanded and how many characters you’ve expanded. With those numbers, the application automatically calculates the number of hours saved.

Below that, there is also a graphic where you can find very useful information. For example, you can see the top 5 snippets used, and the snippets expanded by month. This way you can see two things:

  1. What are your most useful snippets and how much you use them compared to all the other snippets
  2. Your progress monthly, if you’re using the SavedReplies application more or less compared to the past months

These statistics will help you see and organize the usage of SavedReplies better.

» What from above is a prove to the fact that SavedReplies is a better TextExpander alternative?

That’s simple: if you want to see these statistics for TextExpander, you’ll have to pay more, almost doubling the price of SavedReplies annually. Even though at the beginning the Statistics may not help so much, after some time you’ll find them very useful and you’ll wonder how the progress is and how much the application helped you.

We have a lifetime deal listed on our page, and we even offer discounts on special occasions so you will get it even cheaper.

If you have any questions about our app, you can message me directly on my email: or you can contact us on the live chat from our website.

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